Participants in the New Jersey 2017 5K Fun Run

5K Freedom Run for Literacy

Helping non-readers in Africa and Colombia walk across the … About two dozen supporters participated in a 5K fun run in Audubon, N.J., on a beautiful September morning.  They and their supporters were helping us toward our fund-raising goal of $5,000 to print Kingwana (Congo Swahili) language tutor training materials. If you would like to […]

Helping in black and white

Many OMS village churches in Africa have only a weathered board that serves as a chalkboard for tutoring.  In 2016 Bridge to Reading began raising money to provide chalkboards to replace the weathered boards Enough money was raised in 2017 to provide 25 chalkboards for a few of the hundreds of churches in Burundi […]

Angelique with the tablet she uses to practice her writing and math lessons. The B2R, intended to reach adults, is providing the only schooling available to children in some of the poorest villages of the Central African Republic.

Literacy classes opening the door to the Gospel

My name is Angelique and I’m 12 years old. I live in a small fishing village in the Zawara area in the Central African Republic. My parents are fishermen and because of their fishing activities, we arrived and settled in this village. We did not go to church because we were animists. We were born […]

B2R changes an African village

In the village Bobissa, located 200 km from Bangui in the Central African Republic, a church has just been established. The village has more than 500 inhabitants. There is no school. In an effort to combat illiteracy, the church planter began to offer the Bridge to Reading program. He started with just two learners under […]

Literacy for one multiplied to others

Nyassa is a woman from the Democratic Republic of the Congo whose church began to offer literacy classes.  She studied in a small group of Bridge to Reading adult students for three years.  Nyassa’s husband was very glad to have a wife who could read and write.  So he gave her money to buy materials […]

I preached to a military officer

In Matthew 10:17 and 27 Jesus said, “Be on your guard; you will be handed over to the local councils and be flogged in the synagogues… Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops.” Though John had been an evangelist in […]

Literacy brings dignity

Jack had been humiliated by his illiteracy for many years. Here’s his story. “Three years ago I could not approach a girl. They laughed whenever I tried to build a friendship with anyone who knew my life story. I had never been to school because my parents were very poor so I could not read […]

Disrespected, but now befriended

Sister Nzigire is the mother of five children whose life changed when the church brought Bridge to Reading to her village. “A lady used to let her goats in my field where they destroyed my crops.  One day she saw me with my Bible, an exercise book, and a pen.  She was surprised and declared […]

Couldn’t help her children with school work

Yvonne is a young mother in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.  When she was a girl her parents sent her to school for just two years.  Then she stopped to take care of her younger sisters and brothers.  Yvonne married Rutikanga, a pastor who became a Bridge to Reading trainer.  They had six children when […]