From left: Herman Mutuzi, Emanuel Mweze, Roger Barhwire, Dieudonne Mukaza, and Gilbert Kahasha.

New literacy trainers in D.R. Congo

B2R Master Trainer Herman Mutuzi Mweze recently held a graduation ceremony to celebrate the completing of instruction for four new literacy trainers in the area of Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The newly certified trainers are Emanuel Mweze, from Kabungo village; Roger Barhwire, from Mudusa village; Dieudonne Mukaza, from Luhoko village; and Gilbert Kahasha, from Nfundwe village.

Annual Freedom Run for Literacy

On June 29th we participated in the Annual 5k freedom run which was held at the Greenwood freedom grounds.

This was the most attended run so far. We had more than 180 participants who joined the OMS and Mercy Inc. teams at the event. More than $9,000 was raised for Bridge to Reading through the event.

A quartet from Greenwood High School sings the National Anthem as part of opening ceremonies for the Freedom Run.
A quartet from Greenwood High School sings the National Anthem as part of opening ceremonies for the Freedom Run.

These funds will go towards providing teaching and learning resources to our many learners and tutors. Besides providing notebooks and primers, we also provide chalkboards and chalk to churches where classes are held. Remember it takes about $12.50 to teach one person to read. Your giving is appreciated.

The Freedom Run was a true family event.
Participants in the New Jersey 2017 5K Fun Run

5K Freedom Run for Literacy

Helping non-readers in Africa and Colombia walk across the …

About two dozen supporters participated in a 5K fun run in Audubon, N.J., on a beautiful September morning.  They and their supporters were helping us toward our fund-raising goal of $5,000 to print Kingwana (Congo Swahili) language tutor training materials.

If you would like to contribute to our project, follow this link. All proceeds support Bridge to Reading of One Mission Society (project #407800).

Helping in black and white

Many OMS village churches in Africa have only a weathered board that serves as a chalkboard for tutoring.  In 2016 Bridge to Reading began raising money to provide chalkboards to replace the weathered boards Enough money was raised in 2017 to provide 25 chalkboards for a few of the hundreds of churches in Burundi and the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  At the same time OMS supporters gave enough money so literacy students in the Central African Republic could have personal slates and chalk as learning tools.

A tutor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo writes on the improvised chalk board typical of ones used by African churches.