Learn or be left alone

In eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, Neema said: “When I didn’t know how to read and write, my husband did not respect me.  He couldn’t give me money to buy something in the market and he said that a wife who doesn’t know how to read and write is not smart.  He said he must look for another woman because I’m not beautiful.

“When literacy came to our church I was the first to be registered.  My husband led me to the tutoring center to be a student and he said to the pastor, ‘This woman must learn reading and writing.  If not, I will leave her!.’

“After two years and six months I’m able to read and to write because literacy is powerful to make us do something clearly.  Today I’m the president of the ministry of woman in our church.  I know how to read the Bible and to preach to other Christians, even my husband, and he received Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Now he said that I’m the wise woman; because I’m the winner of the literacy.  God bless literacy missionary.”